• A Vital Role Of A Mobile Mechanic During COVID -19

    A Vital Role Of A Mobile Mechanic During COVID -19

    mobile mechanic melbourne

    As the whole world is under the influence of COVID-19 there is an atmosphere which has isolated people inside their houses all they are doing to get safe is to stay in the house get in cars and buy the stuff they need and head back home public areas should be avoided the only thing used for transportation is the car. Which should be well sprayed with a disinfected spray which can keep us safe and especially during these days the demand is growing more for a mobile mechanic in coffs harbour. Because of coronavirus people avoid going to garages for the repairing or car services are done on your doorstep or location provided by yourself.

    • Getting your car inspected under your observation

    Sometimes we have to learn to do the work by ourselves same as we are going through a wave of lockdown when you have a certain problem with your car or you want to get your car service done by the mobile mechanic another advantage is that you would be able to see the work done by the worker under observation you should be able to see every single movement and maintenance done by the worker. Because of you keeping a closer eye he would be able to do the work with more dedication and perfection.

    • Fully equipped with all the tools and parts in the van

    A van which comes on your doorstep even in this tough time is equipped with all the tools and parts used for maintenance of your vehicle. You don’t need to go to any kind of shop to buy the required part or anything they are the providers by themselves and a mobile mechanic makes sure to facilitate the customer with all the requirements. From my point of view, this service is cheaper than the professional garage workshops. They are also trained professionals and have a big repute in the national market so they are available anywhere even if you are stuck in the middle of the unpopulated area.

    • Workshop or doorstep what’s the best option

    A garage workshop has a whole setup of rental or leased property and they have heavy types of machinery and a big number of staff present on spot. Just in case if your car is not starting and you head towards the workshop they know it is a minor problem but they show it as major damage to you just to earn extra money you leave the car in one or two days they hand over a big bill in your hands and you are made the fool by them. This is business strategies and a bad game played by many people making fool of innocent customers. Whereas if you have a problem with your car you call the mobile mechanic in melbourne he would fix the issues under your observation and will not at all charge any extra charges like other workshop workers.

  • Road Safety And Avoiding Accidents

    Road Safety And Avoiding Accidents

    Road safety and avoiding accidents

    You must have sat your driving test and passed it and gotten your driving license, you are finally ready to hit the roads. However, it always comes down to the basics. When you’re on the road, all you ever want to do is to stay out of trouble and be safe. Sometimes it is inevitable to avoid accidents, it might happen because of some other reckless driver while you follow all the road rules. But a lot of times, you can take preventive measures to keep accidents and unfortunate incidents at the bay.

    1. Stay focused and avoid any distractions. Whether it is your mobile phone ringing or you need to change the song, don’t pick up your phone. Even if your phone has the hands free feature to it or you put your phone on loudspeaker, your mind would still be engrossed and you would not be able to focus solely on the road. If the call is important, park your car and then attend it. As for the music, make a playlist of your favourite songs beforehand and put it on shuffle so you would not feel the urge to pick your mobile. Sometimes, all it takes is a second to lose your focus and an unfortunate incident might happen.
    2. Do not drink and drive. Even if you drink just a little, your vision may be impaired and your judgement and mind might be clouded. Therefore, once you are even a bit drink, get a ride home or book a cab beforehand. If you drink and drive, you might put yourself and others at risk. Drinking may cause chemical effects in your brain which would cloud your mind.
    3. Don’t over speed and compete with other drivers. Stay in the designated speed limit so that you have complete control over your car. If somebody comes in front of your car, if you are speeding, it is less likely that you will be able to bring your car to a halt. In the spur of the moment, you might get a confused paving way for an accident. Sometimes, other rowdy drivers may overtake you on the road and try to get ahead of you. Your safest bet is to let them get ahead of you. Slow down your car a little so they can get out of your way.
    4. Hasty and impetuous drivers are a very common occurrence on the road. All it takes is a moment to lose the balance of your car or your break might fail to cause severe damages and in worst cases causalities. To keep such situations in check, our rubber speed humps can be installed on the roads to help such drivers lower their speed.

    Not only do we excel in making the best quality rubber speed humps, at Parkers WA we make plastic and steel tactile indicators to aid the visually impaired too. Our tactile indicators cater for residential and commercial purposes both. Contact us today for more information on the products and services we offer.

  • Repair Your Car From Time To Time.

    Repair Your Car From Time To Time.

    clutch and brake repairs

    The car is very worthful wherever and whenever you want to go you can go for a long drive or with family but need to take care before going that your car is up to maintenance. You need to check out time to time so it helps you to get the best drives without any hesitation. Many people don’t care if we talk about repairing and they don’t change their clutches on time which can be dangerous if you are going on long drives. Taking care of your car is your duty that all the parts are perfect before going on the drives. The company Ted Cahill Motors is one of the best companies in repairing your car because they are having proper mechanics who can give you the best services. 


    Brakes should be perfect in your car.

    The car brakes should be perfect and repaired because breaks play an important role when we talk about the car. If your brakes are not working you should not go out before getting repairing it because if your car brake is not working it can increase the risk of accidents so it can be dangerous so before going on the road you should fix your problems else it can damage your car and dangerous for your life too. 


    What does Ted Cahill Motors provide?

    If you want to get better services for your car then you are at the right place, we are providing you clutch and brake repairs with less price. Ted Cahill Motors is a trustworthy company so if you are giving your car for service then we ensure you that your car is in safe hands. We promise our customers to provide quality services and satisfaction. Ted Cahill Motors is offering all the repair and maintenance of your car, from service to tuning all work are done with our professional workers who have much knowledge about the car. The workers are working for many years and here to provide you to resolve your AC problems and your clutch and breaks problem. We have quality products that can run for a long time. The company is ensuring you give you better services at a reasonable price.


    Why you should choose Ted Cahill Motors?

    Ted Cahill Motors is focusing on quality work and provide you quality products that can give you more durability than you think. car service in shepparton much important because without maintenance you cannot enjoy the ride and you will never be satisfied with the ride. So, Ted Cahill Motors is here to give you perfect service so that you can enjoy your ride happily.